Material: Stahl
Gesamtlänge: 259 mm
Breite: 18 mm
Dicke: 2 mm
Länge der Kling: 142 mm


KNIVES and SCABBARDS Messer Abb.045
„Abb. 45. (BC72 [261] <3233>)
Blade, length 110mm, width 14mm, thickness 2mm, with triple mark, back curves to tip. Whittle tang, central on blade, sloping shoulder, tapering. Possible weld lines visible on the x-radiograph.“

Quelle: J. Cowgill, M. De Neergaard, N. Griffiths „Knives and Scabbards“, Museeum of London, 1997 new Editon 2000, Text S.82 & Abb.45 S.84

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